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Procrastination v. Action

Procrastination is something that we have all brushed up against at some time in our lives. Some of us have embraced it more than others, and keep going back there! (But is it a comforting hug or a Vulcan death grip…) Some see it as a necessary step in the journey of getting things done and […]

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Why Not You?

I like this piece of writing from Steve Maraboli. As I read through it I did start thinking, “Why not me?” and then my eyes were drawn to the positive statements embedded in each of the lines and the choices that we all make everyday, consciously or unconsciously. The great things about being human beings […]

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Happiness- How do you do it?

Happiness-What is it? A feeling? An attitude? Something just out of reach? We all know that happiness is different things to different people. Many people believe that they will be truly happy if they can just reach their next goal, get a better car, a better job, nicer friends who aren’t so miserable…(insert any other […]

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