About Us

At Positive Goals we are committed to working in partnership with you to enable you to identify, work towards and achieve personal & professional goals using a variety of different coaching tools and techniques.

If you have a desire to develop yourself, your relationships, indeed any area of your life, and want to work with an experienced, friendly and creative coach you have come to the right place!

Through personalised programmes, created with you, we provide support, feedback and advice to individuals and groups to transform personal effectiveness and business efficiency.

img_afewwordsJenny Palmer is a qualified coach and goal mapping practitioner with a background in education. Specialist areas are staff training & development, personnel – resilience and emotional intelligence - working with staff, students and trainees in order to support them and their teams being the best they can be.

“I enjoy the journey of developing, motivating and inspiring myself and others to be the best we can be.”

Our personal coaching is designed to suit the individual. To arrange a personal coaching session please click here

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